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Tyco's Fire Suppression solutions advance safety and security by finding smarter ways to save lives, improve businesses and protect people where they live and work.

Our innovative, integrated Fire Suppression solutions do more than fight fires; they help prevent them so that customers are protected from loss of life, potentially crippling financial damage as well as loss of critical data. Our Fire Suppression solutions are diverse in order to meet the protection needs of any kind of environment. These include large marine vessels, critical data centres at financial institutions, schools and universities, emergency hospitals, high-hazard oil platforms, transportation networks, public works projects, industrial production sites, factories and world-renowned museums. We help you maintain business continuity in the event of fire and reduce consequential losses to an absolute minimum.

Some of the “firsts” that Tyco has brought to the market are:
  • First fully automatic integrated Fire Suppression system
  • First sustainable inert gas clean agent system
  • First cartridge-operated fire extinguisher
  • First vapour mitigating foam
  • First dry and liquid spill-control agents
  • First environmentally compatible, biodegradable foam concentrates

Tyco knows that safety and risk management are business priorities for our customers. We are passionately committed to helping them achieve their goals (including compliance with local and international fire code standards) with our Fire Suppression solutions.


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