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Tyco advances safety and security by finding smarter ways to save lives and protect people with our integrated, customized Fire Detection solutions.

Our range of Fire Detection and Fire Alarm systems protect your property and business by detecting fire at the earliest stage. This gives you more time to evacuate, respond and extinguish fires before they become life, building or business critical. As the world’s leading provider of Fire Detection solutions, we are experts in local and international fire code standards. Our remote fire alarm diagnostics help customers better manage employee safety, and protect data and assets. We tailor solutions to your environment – from basic stand-alone conventional fire detection systems through to complex, integrated Fire Protection and Alarm systems. These solutions can incorporate Fire Alarm, Evacuation Systems, Emergency Communication and Fire Suppression, while our industry and regional knowledge helps you stay in compliance with codes and regulations.

We give you the below benefits through our Fire Detection & Alarm System:
  • Option of Integration of systems which are developed over years of research and development
  • Seamlessly tailored to fit the design and architecture of any building, thanks to multiple colour options and installation methods which make the Fire Protection products inconspicuous
  • All of our solutions are in full compliance with national regulations and come equipped with Global Certifications
  • Our product development and manufacturing procedures are regularly audited and inspected by independent test houses from around the world

We are passionately committed to consulting and collaborating with our customers to ensure that all fire code requirements and fire detection safety, security and business goals are met.

Fire Alarm Control Panels

Fire Alarm Monitoring 

Smoke, Heat & Carbon

Mass Notification & Voice

Emergency Lighting Systems

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