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Advanced Logistics Business Management & Security Solutions For The Transportation Industry. Securing supply chains and real-time tracking of mobile assets

Cargo theft worldwide is estimated to cost enterprises a huge dent in their profits. Whether you are a shipper of high-value loads such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco, or metals, or the logistics provider of these goods, cargo theft comes at a high cost. Of course there’s the cost of the lost load and effort of recovery, but you may also be faced with increased insurance premiums, deductibles and a damaged reputation.

Our Transport & Logistics security solutions encompasses the programs, systems, procedures, technology and solutions applied to address threats to your supply chain. We offer support through the entire logistic process from producer to consumer so you can effectively track of your mobile assets in real time and keep your employees safe, through tailored solutions we can provide from our complete portfolio, including Access Control, Video Surveillance, 24/7 Monitoring services and Integrated Solutions. 

Key benefits:
  • Transport and logistics security solutions help meet safety, procedure and building automation challenges through the following benefits:
  • Awareness: identify/understand threats, assess vulnerabilities, and determine potential impacts and consequences
  • Prevention: detect, deter and mitigate threats
  • Protection: safeguard people, critical infrastructure and property
  • Response: manage and coordinate responses to emergency security alerts
  • Recovery: manage efforts to restore operations following a crime or other emergency