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Physical security, video and access control solutions that help commercial and industrial enterprises protect their people, facilities and operations. Advanced security to advance your business.

We offer security and business intelligence solutions that are as unique as your operations. No matter what industry you are engaged in, we help assess the internal and external threats facing your operations and develop tailored, end-to-end solutions that cover the breadth of the enterprise. Manufacturing organisations worldwide are facing increased global competition, faster times-to-market and an economy that commands a leaner yet more efficient workforce. Security and property protection are critically important in industrial plants and manufacturing facilities to keep employees and assets safe and eliminate downtime resulting from security lapses. In addition, having the right industrial security systems in place will ensure business continuity and make a vital contribution to your competitive success.

We offer a variety of single-source Fire Protection and Life Safety solutions which we can tailor to serve most Industrial application, from manufacturing plants, chemical processing, pharmaceutical labs and oil production facilities to automotive and telecommunications. For most industrial applications we combine through our Integrated Solutions capabilities Access Control, Video Surveillance and Intrusion Detection systems for all-round protection, while Fire Protection and Emergency Communications are used to prevent avoidable accidents and support a secure evacuation plan. All of these systems are complemented with high-quality testing, inspection, maintenance, repair and central monitoring services.

Safe and secure facilities are vital to running a successful and profitable business and we’re passionately committed to helping you achieve your goals in order to maintain and improve productivity in addition to:
  • Safety for your employees and assets along with risk mitigation
  • Operational excellence is achieved through system reliability and stability
  • Integration of multiple fire and security systems and
  • Reduced downtime and production losses.