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The India Design Center is fully equipped for Engineering, Drafting, Conceptual Design, Program Management, Process Development and System Integration for India and Global Requirements

About IDC:
India Design CoE (IDC) has established in 2014 with an objective to provide Professional Services like Engineering Support for Conceptual Design, System Design, Estimation, CAD Drafting, Program Management, Process Development, etc. for our internal customer across Tyco global in Fire Suppression, Sprinkler, Detection& Security Systems complementing Tyco's Global Mission "To advance safety and security by finding smarter ways to save lives, improve businesses and protect where people live and work.

Around 60+ highly skilled Engineers supporting different regions like India, USA, UK & Australia to provide competitive Business Solution to our Internal Customers in Fire Detection, Suppression, Sprinkler, Retail  & SecuritySystems.

  • Conceptual Design
  • System Design
  • Flow Calculations
  • Estimation
  • CAD

  • Residential Buildings
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Infra, Oil & Gas

Key Highlights:
  • NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist
  • NFPA -72 Certified Fire Alarm Engineers
  • NFPA-13 Certified Sprinkler Engineers
  • Trained in Design of Fire Alarm, Suppression & Sprinkler, Water Leak Detection, ACS and CCTV Systems
  • Expertized in Simplex Grinnell, Ansul, LPG, CCure& Minerva range of Products
  • Expertized in Tools like Auto CAD, Sprink CAD, Pipenet, FireCAD, SG, VESDA, Revit, Flow Calculation& Hydraulic Calculations.
  • Expertized in Codes & Standards like NFPA, ISO, EN, AS& BS
  • Completed Projects of 30,000 hours in 2015 supporting our Internal Customers like Simplex Grinnell –USA, Wormald-Australia & TFIS-UK in System Design, Estimation & CAD
  • Robust Process to manage all project requirements
  • PMP Certified Program Manager

Conceptual Design:
Verification of innovative ideas for using Conceptual design is cost effective approach using Software tools.

In IDC, we support our internal customers to develop conceptual design which provides a description of the proposed system in terms of a set of integrated ideas and concepts about what it should do, behave, and how it will look like, that will be understandable by the users in the manner intended. 

Conceptual design services include industrial design that defines both the aesthetics and functionality of the product using tools like Pipenet, FireCAD, etc. support our Designer to make decision on the system for the proposed premises according to Codes & Standards.

Projects like "Concept design of Sprinkler & Suppression system for software park, India", "Concept design of Sprinkler system for International airport, India" demonstrates the capability of IDC team.

Key Highlights:
  • Managed complex projects with 27,200 Sprinklers with 33 Installation control valve station
  • Experience in tools like Revit, Pipenet& Fire CAD to perform Hydraulic design Calculation
  • All designs are developed in adherence to Codes & Standards

System Design:
IDC is committed to support our Internal Customers in every phase of Fire Detection, Suppression, Security& Safety Projects by effectively partnering with Design Owners across the Globe. 

We support in developing design packages that meet local and national industry requirements by leveraging our expert code knowledge.

Our Design team is well equipped with Knowledge & experience in handling projects for our internal customers related to Products like Simplex Grinnell, Ansul, LPG, CCure & Minerva & Systems like Fire Alarm System, Fire Suppression Systems, Sprinklers, ACS, CCTV & Water Leak Detection to provide robust design solution for the Customer Specification compliance to regional codes and standards. 

IDC has handled complex projects like "Design of Fire alarm system using Simplex Grinnell with Mass notification for 8100 Potranco Road, USA", "Design of Fire alarm System using Simplex Grinnell product for Park Lane, USA".

Key Highlights:
  • Extensive Hands on experience in developing System Design drawings using tools like AutoCAD, Sprink CAD, Revit, Fire CAD
  • Accurate design calculation to determine the optimized Bill of Material of the system using tool like SG, Flow Calculation, Hydraulic Calculation
  • Development of Technical Manuals to document the Design Proposal

We are specialized in providing competitive business solution supporting Pre Sales Tender Bidding Process for Fire Alarm (FAS), Fire Suppression, and Kitchen hood, and Sprinkler, CCTV and ACS systems compliance to applicable Codes & Standards (NFPA, AS & BS).

IDC has proven ability in providing optimized BOQ, Proposal Document, and Design Calculation to support Tender Process for Pre Sales Team aligning to Customer Specifications.

Engineers are well trained in Products & Standards with Industry experience to provide competitive solution for Customer requirements.

Hands on experience in handling Projects like "Estimation of TF & IS (Access control, CCTC, Intruder Alarm System)for Roehampton University in UK", demonstrates the capability of the IDC team.

CAD Design:
In IDC, We support our internal customers to document the design for Fire Alarm, Suppression & Sprinkler, ACS and CCTV Systems using advanced tools like AutoCAD, Revit, etc. 

IDC Engineers with Extensive and Hands-on experience in tools, Codes & Standards and regional regulatory requirement, helps Designer/ Customer in visualizing the final layout of the premises. 

Well Established Process to ensure quality of the design developed by IDC with high customer satisfaction.

Virtual walk through of the layout using tools like Revit, helps the Designers to see how the actual layout will work, thus helping him to manage modifications if required to improve the quality of the design and saves time in communication.

Key Highlights:
  • Extensive experience in providing design using the latest industry software such as Revit and AutoCAD
  • Continuous improvement of quality process
  • Fast turnaround of the projects