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// Integrated Fire & Security

Tyco integrated fire & security is the world’s leading fire & security expert, providing cutting edge products and solutions. Our fire detection, suppression, access control & surveillance system, intelligent building solution, PSIM, retail EAS products & store-performance solution and alarm monitoring services help protect businesses around the world. Tyco’s one-stop security solution integrates product, installation, design and warranty service to ensure 360-degree safety and peace of mind for the customers. Tyco, we offer more than fire & security.

// Retail & Subscriber Solutions

Our unrivalled heritage in the Retail Market across all sectors allows us to go beyond Loss Prevention to reduce costs, grow revenue and improve product availability for our customers, ranging from single-store boutiques to global retail enterprises. 

Using Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and Store Performance Solutions (SPS) we provide intelligence at store and enterprise level by capturing, analysing and reporting real-time data from stores, employees, inventory and shoppers. This helps you to make strategic decisions designed to improve operational efficiency, shopper experience and ultimately profitability.
Customised Solutions For Managing Complex And Extensive Challenges.
We offer Banking Security Solutions that go beyond the traditional by integrating risk management, life safety and security management technologies to reduce operational costs and increase levels of protection and customer service. These bespoke solutions that include Access Control, Intruder Detection and 24/7 ATM Monitoring help financial institutions assist with fraud and liability issues as well as manage the risks of robberies, kidnappings, workplace violence and business continuity.
Why Tyco for Banking & Finance?
  • Reliability: trustworthiness of Tyco as an experienced global player.
  • Integration: we help integrate fire and security solutions within your existing bank / institution processes.
  • Consultancy: we will help perform risk assessment, evaluate the latest technology and select the right solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Resilience: we address the latest standards that guide compliant institutions to develop and implement policies and programs that not only protect physical assets and people, but also address legal requirements.

Full Regulatory Compliance For Secure Working Environments
We tailor our Commercial Fire and Security solutions to provide a safe working environment for your employees, while protecting assets and ensuring business continuity - whether your security requirements are generated by day-to-day operations, specific business needs or outside regulations.
Why Tyco for Commercial?
  • Customised solutions to fit your needs, schedule and budget.
  • Capabilities to integrate any fire and security solutions into existing infrastructure.
  • Best-in-class systems, complemented with high-quality testing, inspection, maintenance, repair and Central Monitoring Services

Protecting The Backbone Of Today’s Economy, Security And Health

Our evolving environment presents a growing number of challenges. Global trends of urbanisation, globalisation and interdependence of physical and digital infrastructure are affecting our society and economy, making them interdependent from secure, functioning and resilient critical infrastructure.
Why Tyco for Critical Infrastructure?
  • Increased protection at all levels of security, whilst improving staff productivity
  • Integration of multiple fire and security systems within an overall risk management and emergency response plan
  • Powerful business intelligence and analytics features, to allow process automation, immediate alert notification system and advanced video analytics capabilities
  • Our solutions help your security personnel react faster to threats and ensure they have all the right information needed to respond accordingly.

Intelligently Protecting All Environments Of Care

In addition to providing a safe, secure environment, today’s Healthcare institutions must operate efficiently while managing complex and evolving regulatory requirements. Healthcare facilities, nursing homes and hospitals tend to have spread-out facilities which make it difficult to manage access without inconvenience or disruption.
Why Tyco for Healthcare?
  • Improved patient quality of life through efficient nurse care.
  • Maximum flexibility and security by being able to easily identify and track wandering patients.
  • Optimised process workflow, minimised risk and nursing staff support.
  • Integrated data collection systems with building management functions to track and analyse all events.
  • Restricted unauthorised access and protection of critical areas.

Advanced Security To Advance Your Business

Industrial & Manufacturing organisations worldwide are facing increased global competition, faster times-to-market and an economy that commands a leaner yet more efficient workforce. Security and property protection are critically important in industrial plants and manufacturing facilities to keep employees and assets safe and eliminate downtime resulting from security lapses. For most industrial applications we combine through our Integrated Solutions capabilities, Access Control, Video Surveillance and Intrusion Detection systems for all-round protection, while Fire Protection and Emergency Communications are used to prevent avoidable accidents and support a secure evacuation plan. All of these systems are complemented with high-quality testing, inspection, maintenance, repair and central monitoring services.
Why Tyco for Industrial and Manufacturing?
Safe and secure facilities are vital to running a successful and profitable business and we’re passionately committed to helping you achieve your goals in order to maintain and improve productivity. Safety for your employees and assets along with risk mitigation and operational excellence is achieved through system reliability and stability, integration of multiple fire and security systems and reduced down time and production losses.

Safeguarding People, Production And The Environment

Petrochemical, Oil and Gas facilities face specific and high-risk security challenges whilst having to comply with many stringent regulations. Common issues associated with Petrochemical, Oil and Gas facilities, which are often multi-site, include health and safety, managing access levels and securing the facilities against the ever-present terror threat. All these challenges can be met with Integrated Enterprise Solutions (PSIM) consisting of Access Control, Video Surveillance and Fire Protection solutions. We provide best-in-class, reliable solutions and services for oil and gas facilities – from FPSO’s, drill ships and tankers to terminals, refineries, petrochemical plants and corporate headquarters around the world.
Why Tyco for Oil and Gas?
  • Global reach and local presence
  • Extensive expertise as a turnkey designer, installer and service provider
  • Global centers of excellence providing project management, system design, systems engineering, installation, commissioning and lifecycle support
  • Broad portfolio of products with globally recognised brands
  • Dedicated fire response and hazard consulting

Securing Supply Chains And Real-Time Tracking Of Mobile Assets

Our Transport & Logistics security solutions encompass the programs, systems, procedures, technology and solutions applied to address threats to your supply chain. We offer support through the entire logistic process from producer to consumer so you can effectively keep track of your mobile assets in real time and keep your employees safe, through tailored solutions we can provide from our complete portfolio, including Access Control, Video Surveillance, 24/7 Monitoring Services and Integrated Solutions.
Why Tyco for Supply Chain?
  • 24/7 Monitoring Control Centres
  • Advanced, fast and global Access Control solutions
  • ANPR (Automatic Number/License Plate Recognition)
  • Asset & cargo tracking
  • Fire Detection and Suppression
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Traffic and transportation monitoring systems
  • Video Surveillance solutions (analogue, hybrid and IP)

Advancing Retail Excellence, Safety And Security

Retailers operate in a fiercely competitive economic environment whilst having to keep up with increasing distribution and marketing channels and ever-changing consumer habits. As traditional retail models evolve, retailers need to reassess store portfolios and adopt an "omni-channel" approach. This means stores become a brand experience where shoppers can access all channels simultaneously, allowing retailers to track activity across channels.

Whether operating a fashion store, jewellery store, pharmacy or supermarket, securing your inventory from theft, reducing shrink, managing out of stock and optimising employee productivity are key to driving profitability. Our Sensormatic brand offers the world's leading Global Source Tagging program, with unrivalled system performance and superior reliability so you can devote your time and energy to serving customers.
Why Tyco for Retail?
  • Reduce shoplifting, theft and vendor fraud
  • Extensive expertise as a turnkey designer, installer and service provider
  • Increase your sales and protect your profits
  • Maintain inventory accuracy

Keeping Your Business, Employees And Customers Safe

Owning a Small Business presents its own unique set of challenges due to time constraints and business obligations. You can’t be everywhere at once, which puts you at risk as small businesses are susceptible to fire hazards, theft and vandalism, which can cut into your bottom line. We offer effective Small Business Security solutions to deter intruders and protect what matters most to you – your people and your business.
Why Tyco for Small Business?
Fast alarm response: our Monitoring Centres operate 24/7 to ensure maximum protection for your business in the event of an emergency.
Full coverage support plans: reducing the burden of technology purchases, upgrades and maintenance so you can focus on your business.
Affordable solutions: we review your requirements to develop a bespoke security system and advise on the latest regulations and solutions to secure staff, visitors and assets or reduce the risk of fire.
Local presence: local consultants specialise in securing businesses in your area by providing additional local knowledge when assessing your needs.